Steering Committee

photo (2)Gretchen Schermerhorn is the Artistic Director of Pyramid Atlantic Art Center. She received her MFA in printmaking from Arizona State University in 2004, and has been working at Pyramid since 2006.  For REpurpose/REstrike, Gretchen worked on the  surrounding events and organizing the panel discussion.  Gretchen hopes to one day have her own two story greenhouse, where she can be the ultimate plant whisperer.


Allison Bianco

Allison Bianco received her MFA in Printmaking (2010) from the University of Hawaii at Manoa and her BA in Studio Art (2001) from Mount Holyoke College, MA. She moved to Silver Spring, MD in the fall of 2012 and attended an artist residency at Pyramid Atlantic Art Center where she continues to make her prints. She loves private-room karaoke. For REpurpose/REstrike, Allison coordinated the artist demonstrations and The 45 Record Project print exchange between Pyramid Atlantic Art Center and the AS220 Community Printshop in Providence, RI.



Natalie Holmes is the Development Manager at Pyramid Atlantic Art Center.  Her contributions to the symposium include coordinating the exhibition of Pyramid Atlantic’s archived works and volunteer efforts.  When not at Pyramid, she enjoys adventure activities like ziplining and bungee jumping.







Melissa Ezelle

Melissa Ezelle is a currently a Sunday Studio Monitor and Workshop Instructor at Pyramid Atlantic.  Her steering committee contributions have focused on organizing the Open Portfolios as well as contributing to the Pyramid Atlantic archive exhibit.  Melissa is a full time Program Director at the Arc of Prince George’s County.  When not working at a busy non profit, she spends time making lithographs, fundraising, and sleeping.